Monday , 6 February 2023

World War Z gets unrated Blu-ray Sept. 17!

WWZ Blu-ray

Great news for World War Z fans – as stated in our review of the film, it was hoped when WWZ came out on home video, there would be an unrated version that might include some added gore to what was originally a PG-13 film. Paramount has announced an unrated version will come out on Blu-ray. And while there is no word on how much extra footage will be included or what exactly will be added, this statement from Brad Pitt is encouraging:

“I’m really excited for fans to see the new unrated version of World War Z on Blu-ray. We were thrilled with the audience response to the film in theaters and wanted to give viewers even more of the action and intensity that they loved when they watch the film at home.”

What is surprising is that this is coming from Paramount, the studio that has yet to restore any of the Friday the 13th films beyond the very first one, which had few cuts to begin with. It is widely known that the Friday films had been cut to shreds in the 1980s and beyond, thanks to the MPAA’s extreme stance on bloody violence. Nowadays, movies from the Saw franchise to the recent Evil Dead are allowed to show much more on-screen mayhem than ever before, And in the few instances where cuts are made to receive an “R” rating, they are generally restored when it comes to home video. (Though the recent Texas Chainsaw only did so for digital download, which we hope doesn’t become a trend).

So, it is great news indeed that Paramount is giving fans of World War Z an unrated version of the film. It will be interesting to see if any of the original ending will be shown or discussed. A big deal was made of the decision to scrap the bleaker ending originally shot in favor of the new one written by Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard which audiences saw in theaters. We’ll find out when World War Z is released on home video Sept. 17.

The following are the extra featurettes to be included:

“Origins” — The filmmakers discuss collaborating with renowned actor/producer Brad Pitt to create a zombie film the likes of which have never been seen.
“Looking to Science” — Explore the scientific realities of zombie behavior in nature and learn more about zombies in literature and film.
WWZ: Production
“Outbreak” — Go on set with Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster for a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s breathtaking first attack in Philadelphia.
“The Journey Begins” — Delve deeper into Gerry’s fight for survival during the dramatic escape in South Korea.
“Behind the Wall” — Explore the epic scene in Jerusalem and discover the incredible logistics of creating the elaborate stunts and crowd sequences.
“Camouflage” — Experience the final confrontation between Gerry and the zombies and discover the phenomenal scope of the film’s production.