Tuesday , 28 March 2023

Welcome to the Gore 4!

The Gore 4 is dedicated to the world of horror (and some sci-fi and fantasy too, as the genres often blend), where we’ll examine, appreciate and look forward (and backward) to horror in film, television, home video, music, games, literature, and more. Based in the state of New Jersey, the Gore 4 will stay current with the present-day genre offerings, and keep abreast of things to come. But we’ll also be looking back at the classics, for the fans of those classics, and to open newcomers’ eyes to worthy examples of what they may have missed. And when we lose someone who’s contributed significantly to the genre, the Gore 4 will offer remembrance and tribute.

While the Gore 4 will have written reviews, interviews and commentary, some of what we do will be in the form of video, shot throughout the Garden State and beyond, with our original and unique take on the genre we love in what we hope is entertaining and informative. Whether it’s just us discussing a movie, or interviewing someone on their latest project, or visiting a location of interest, the goal is to create video segments that are fun and different.

When it comes to films, while we will offer our own critical assessment, we don’t consider ourselves movie critics. We are movie lovers – we stay through the end of the credits and we turn our cell phones off in the theater. We’re also not out to rip apart movies that people worked long and hard on. If we find something we think isn’t up to par, we might find it better instead to just not review it at all. And while catching up on a TV show a season at a time via marathon viewing is fine for some, we prefer to watch the show when it originally airs – live, or at least soon after on the DVR. And while streaming content online is great, there is nothing like having an actual DVD or Blu-Ray on your shelf which you can plop into your player to enjoy with all the extras whenever you want. And preferably on a big-screen hi-def television with surround sound, rather than on a small computer screen or phone (movies on a phone, c’mon, really?). But we’re lucky to live in an age where there are so many viewing options available for everyone to watch what they want in whatever way works best for them.

Here at the Gore 4, as you could suspect from its name, we love horror and live horror. And while we will also cover science fiction and fantasy to some extent, as the genres are often interconnected (Alien, Predator, The Fly, even Harry Potter), our emphasis will be on the horror aspects of entertainment. We do hope to add our own take on the genre, and help inform people to check out various movies, shows, etc., but we aren’t competing with other websites or magazines that cover horror. Rather, we’d like to complement these other great sources that have been around a lot longer and do a tremendous job of providing news and updates in the world of horror. In fact, we will cover some of these sources to let people know what else is out there (see the Blood Read category). But we do hope the Gore 4 can be a unique, informative and entertaining place to learn and love horror. And while we won’t be posting a ton of news stories every day, we’ll make a habit of continually posting noteworthy items so this becomes a place you’ll want to check out regularly for things to come and for cool and entertaining material.

Lastly, the Gore 4, like most of those who enjoy horror in entertainment, have other interests and concerns as well. And we plan to cover some of that territory in Beyond Horror, whether it be an environmental topic, an animal rights issue or a group of people in need. There is a lot of real world horror out there, and if we can shine a light on some of it and maybe even make a difference, it will make this endeavor all the more rewarding.

So, whether you’re into movies and TV, music and games, reading and even other websites, and you want to learn more and be entertained as well, horror has a new home. Welcome to the Gore 4!


  1. This is one great site, and I’m not even a huge horror movie buff! Really well organized , and well written!


  2. Thanks, dude! Appreciate the appreciation. And maybe we’ll get you to at least become somewhat of a horror movie buff!

  3. Gore4 4 Life! Can’t wait to read upcoming reviews and interviews!

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