Monday , 8 August 2022

Walking Dead stabbed by Emmys once again


Well, the 2015 Primetime Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday, and to nobody’s surprise, the biggest and most popular show on television, AMC’s The Walking Dead, was virtually ignored once again. Based on all the prior years, it would have come as an actual shock if the zombie juggernaut had received any major nominations, but considering how well acted, written and produced the show is, us fans are always hoping the show will get the recognition it deserves, much like the band Rush has finally gotten (though still no Grammys).

The Walking Dead did get a few nominations however, four in total, in the technical categories – prosthetic make-up, sound editing, special visual effects and stunt coordination, so there is that. But with the best drama field expanded to seven, it’s difficult to justify leaving The Dead off in favor of lifeless shows like Downton Abbey or Mad Men. At least this is the last year for Mad Men, which, arguably, does have a standout episode once in a while, so maybe TWD will have a better chance next year. But, certainly, actors past (Scott Wilson, David Morrissey) to present (Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus), have been brilliant on the show. It takes far more acting range to go from intense character moments to action-packed life-or-death scenes than it does to fret over an ad campaign. Perhaps, Lennie James, as Morgan, will have a shot at some Emmy love next year, and can open the door for other cast members. It would also be nice to see the show’s superb direction, which is matched only by that of Game of Thrones, the powerful music by Bear McCreary, or even the show’s writing get recognized as well.

AHS clown

And while there were other Emmy omissions (the incredible Vera Farmiga on Bates Motel, the Critics Choice winner, Face Off, on SyFy, in the reality competition category), it wasn’t all doom and gloom amongst horror and sci-fi. Of course, the Emmys continue to adore Game of Thrones and American Horror Story, which received a whopping 24 and 19 nominations, respectively, including for best show and acting. Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke and Diana Rigg for Thrones, and Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Dennis O’Hare and Finn Wittrock for Horror Story all received much deserved nominations. AHS certainly benefits from being in the limited series category, and while having past Oscar winners like Lange and Bates in the cast must get noticed by voters, and as enjoyably dark and twisted as Horror Story is, The Walking Dead most definitely belongs here too.

Having been slighted the first two years of the show, Orphan Black finally received a long overdue lead actress nomination for the multi-talented Tatiana Maslany, who performs the most amazing acting role(s) on television, playing multiple clones, often several in the same scene. It had become ridiculous for her to be ignored, so now, let’s hope she can win.



Also getting a much deserved nomination, this one for best actor in a comedy, is the awesome Will Forte for his post-apocalyptic Last Man on Earth. Previously nominated for his work on Saturday Night Live, it’s great to see Will get recognition for such a unique and daring show.

So, while one genre favorite continues to get snubbed, at least the Emmys are getting some of it right, and it is good to see horror, sci-fi and fantasy get decent representation, especially since those genres make up such a significant and popular portion of what we see on television. Find out who the winners are when the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards air Sept. 20 on Fox.


  1. The Walking Dead cast especially Carol (Melissa McBride) should have been nominated. The heartbreaking scenes and gut wrecking turmoil she portrayed had me at the edge of my seat.

  2. Brian de Castro

    Carol has had one of the best character arcs on television, going from a meek, abused wife to a motherly teacher to a gun-toting, kick-ass heroine who will do what others won’t to protect those she cares about. It’s been a startling, yet gradual, transformation, and Melissa McBride has made it all believable. It’s hard to think of any other character on TV who has gone through what Carol has. Hopefully, the Emmys will eventually notice.