Thursday , 29 September 2022

The Thing That Wasn’t

Certainly, a main criticism of the 2011 prequel, The Thing, was its overuse of CGI effects as opposed to the practical effects that were so masterfully created by Rob Bottin in the ’82 Carpenter film. Though a great deal of practical creature f/x work was created by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr.’s Amalgamated Dynamics for the prequel, much of it was abandoned in favor of CGI, rather than having the two complement each other as originally planned. For a look at some of this work, including concept designs and behind the scenes video, check out the site, Thule , which is dedicated to all things regarding The Thing prequel.

Also of note is that Gillis and Woodruff (who have worked on everything from the Alien films to Starship Troopers to the X-Files movie) are currently in production on their own fully practical effects film funded through Kickstarter (which the Gore 4 gladly contributed to) entitled Harbinger Down. Written and directed by Gillis, produced by Woodruff, and starring genre icon, Lance Henrickson, the movie promises to satisfy fans left unfulfilled by The Thing prequel. Looking for a release date later this year, you can find out more by checking out their Kickstarter webpage here:

Harbinger Down