Saturday , 3 December 2022

THE THING: Terror Takes Shape

For those fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing, which should be everyone on the planet, there is a terrific documentary which first appeared on the film’s laserdisc boxed set, and again on the DVD release of 1998. (The U.S. Blu-ray omits this feature, while the European region-free disc includes it.) Entitled Terror Takes Shape, it is an almost hour and a half look at the making of this classic film. Featuring interviews with everyone from director John Carpenter, star Kurt Russell, and special effects makeup whiz, Rob Bottin, the documentary also includes on-camera words from the now gone, screenwriter Bill Lancaster (Burt’s son), actor Charles “Norris” Hallahan, and effects master, Stan Winston. Covering everything from adapting the original story by John W. Campbell, filming in icy British Columbia, and the creation of the groundbreaking special effects, the documentary is a must-see for Thing fans.

You can check out the full-length documentary right here: