Monday , 8 August 2022

The Evil Within


“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”
― Edgar Allen Poe

Horror has always been big in the videogame world, from the classic franchises, Doom, Resident Evil and Silent Hill, to more recent fare, like The Last of Us, and now, the latest in survival horror, The Evil Within.

Each step taken, each crack upon the floorboards, will have those brave enough
to play this game looking over their shoulders to see what’s coming next. As
your torso is sliced, head decapitated, and body flung from wall to wall, death
will only compel you to move ahead and overcome the many obstacles. If this does
not define a truly great horror experience, then I don’t know what does.
“The Evil Within” follows the ruthless detective Sebastian Castellanos, who
although emotionless in a somewhat parodic sense, is relentless to all the evil
that crosses paths with him. Castellanos is investigating of what seems to be a
multiple homicide at Beacon Mental Hospital. As an eerie, discomforting sense
lies dormant in the air of this game, Detective Sebastian is knocked unconscious
and wakes up in the deranged world of Krimson City. Through a brutal 15
chapters, Detective Castellanos shows the audience the true evil within himself,
and the horrifying creatures around him.

Sebastian-EW soldiers

This nightmare is played from a third-person perspective, so the viewer can see
and hear all of their surroundings. Weapons are spread throughout the game, so
as rank increases, the weapons that are obtained become more and more
destructive. Castellanos starts off with just a revolver, but works his
way up to finding different weapons such as a shotgun, sniper rifle, knife,
grenades, and crossbow. The crossbow here is a weapon that fires different bolts
capable of exploding, electrocuting, freezing, or blinding the enemy. This
devastating weapon is especially useful to hindering the health of the multiple
bosses that Sebastian comes across.

Ammunition is especially scarce and hard to get ahold of. That is why melee
combat was designed. It allows the player to sneak up behind the enemy and
quickly slit their throats or disembowel them in one clean cut or jab. Also, if
the gameplay is not suitable to the player’s liking, there are different modes
such as easy, medium, or hard to enhance gameplay.

Evil Within monster

Haunting creatures lurk within the depths, and between the cracks, only looking
to gruesomely kill Detective Sebastian in a beaten bloody death. The main
miscreation of this game are the menacing mutants known as “The Haunted.” These
breakneck creatures are murderous fiends, ready to execute anyone in their
way. The main depiction of the haunted are almost zombie-like, with one perk.
They are neither living, nor dead. Suppressing noise around these mutants is
highly suggested due to their hoarding ability. Other monstrosities are mostly
found at the end of the Chapters. Each are exceptionally, sizable hellions that
require much ammunition and strategic cunning to take down. Some range from large,
alien beasts, while others are advanced beings of the haunted. All should be
handled with caution.

The Evil Within does not depend on cheap shocks and scares. There is a slow,
sustained, yet, thrilling build-up that makes the player both frightened and anxious
as to what comes next. With death at every corner, the sound of creaking floorboards
or distant groans from lurking enemies can bring upon an inescapable sense of fear.
This relentless terror ultimately brings gamers a captivating experience that reminds
them of what true horror is like.

The Evil Within comes from developer Tango Gameworks and is released by Bethesda Softworks.
It is available now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 & 4 and Microsoft Windows.
Check out some of the horrors you’ll be seeing in this trailer for the game:

– Review by Cole Yazujian

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  1. Great review, Cole. You’ve got a bloody good writing style. It really makes you want to play this game right away. Hope to see more reviews in the future!