Tuesday , 28 March 2023

The Creepshow must go on!

The Creepshow

It’s the old adage that no matter what obstacles are thrown your way, the show must go on. That saying was never more apropos than with horror psychobilly band, The Creepshow’s recent visit to the frigid, icy and snowy Jersey Shore. Neither a blizzard, or their lead singer’s aching stomach, could keep the band from bringing their brand of rockabilly punk to The Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ, even if they had to postpone for a few days. And for the fans who attended, it was more than worth the wait.

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, The Creepshow, are a band full of energy and vigor with songs inspired by the world of horror and b-movies. You gotta love song titles like Zombies Ate Her Brain, Psycho Ball & Chain, and Creatures of the Night, with the lyrics:

“I am a creature of the night!
Lurking through the cemetery
No mortal soul will ever catch me.”

A common theme that runs through all four of their albums is the battle for one’s soul, and how one chooses to live their life and whether they’re worth saving once they’ve gone down the devil’s path. Check out the song , Sinners & Saints, from their current album, Life After Death:

“Doin’ my best to behave as I should,
But it’s easier to be bad than it is to be good.
Maybe this sinner’s worth savin’.
Maybe there’s hope of redemption for me.”


The beautiful Kenda Legaspi, the group’s newest singer, was a bit under the weather, though you’d never know it from her engaging and enthusiastic performance. Whether jumping off the stage to dance with the crowd or heading to the bar and grabbing a stool to stand on while singing, Kenda never let up, and her band kept pace with her, with mainstays Sean “Sickboy” McNab on standup bass, and The Reverend McGinty on keyboards, joining in on vocals. Every song kicked butt and kept the crowd thoroughly rocking, from the energetic, Shake, off their first album to The Devil’s Own, from their latest. If No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani fronted Social Distortion, that might give you some idea of how the band sounded. You know you really like a band when you go in not knowing a single song, and end up loving every single one.


Afterward, the Gore 4 spoke with Kenda, who confirmed she was suffering from a stomach virus or something. The band apparently wasn’t kidding when they said she had to puke offstage midshow. She was actually still wearing her medical bracelet from her visit to the hospital earlier that day. To say she was a trooper would be an understatement. If this was the type of magnetic show she puts on while sick as a dog, one can only imagine what she’s capable of when she’s at full strength.


So, even though the weather outside was frightful, inside, things couldn’t have been any hotter (though, the songs were frightful too!). The Creepshow is currently touring throughout the U.S. and Canada, and will hit the East Coast again this June. You can keep up with them on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheCreepshowOfficial

Definitely check them out if they’re anywhere near you. And also pick up their latest release, Life After Death:


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