Monday , 8 August 2022

Slash rocks NJ and for elephants

Myles & Slash

Famed ex-Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist, Slash, has a lot going on of interest to the Gore 4. He recently brought his current band, Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, to Sayreville, NJ’s Starland Ballroom in support of their new album, World on Fire. First up, the show itself.

After suffering extensive damage from 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, the Starland Ballroom, one of New Jersey’s best venues to see a band, took some time off for repairs. But it’s been back better than ever the last couple of years, and last week, one of rock’s most recognizable guitarists threatened to force the place to need a new roof. Slash has found an amazing singer in Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge. Their killer song, Bent to Fly was last year’s song of the year, and should have been rewarded as such at the Grammys. Playing a mix of tunes from the new album, some previous Slash solo material, and, perhaps, surprisingly, a good number of Guns ‘N’ Roses songs, the band rocked the joint for a solid two hours. While the newer material sounded great, the Guns ‘N’ Roses material was given new life as well by Myles Kennedy (bassist Todd Kerns took lead vocals on “Welcome to the Jungle”). For songs that are played on the radio seemingly every hour, it was nice to hear “Sweet Child of Mine”, Paradise City” and “You Could Be Mine” sound fresh again with the different vocals along with Slash’ iconic guitar riffs.


It is one of the songs off of World on Fire that is of special interest to the Gore 4. “Beneath the Savage Son” is written from the perspective of an elephant that has lost a family member due to poaching. Inspired by a trip to South Africa where Slash and Myles got to see elephants up close and personal, the song, and accompanying video, are meant to bring light to the dire situation elephants are in due to their rampant killing for their ivory tusks. Although much of the ivory is being shipped to Asian markets, the U.S., despite recent ivory bans in some states, along with other efforts, remains a big market. People need to realize that if they buy anything made of ivory, there’s a good chance an elephant was killed for it. Check out the video for “Beneath the Savage Son” here:

You can learn more by checking out the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), which is working with Slash and Myles Kennedy in raising awareness about the plight of elephants and what’s being done to help them and other species. You can also check out our section, Beyond Horror, for links to other organizations, like the African Wildlife Foundation, that are fighting to keep wildlife from extinction.

Lastly, since we are the Gore 4, and we’re primarily a horror website, it’s of interest that Slash has formed his own production company, fittingly entitled, Slasher Films, which looks to bring back the spirit of horror films from the 70s and 80s. 2013 saw the release of Nothing Left to Fear, a film about demonic possession in a small town. While details on future projects are sketchy, there is one entitled, Cut Throats Nine, a western set in the 1920’s that appears on the horizon starring Harvey Keitel. The Gore 4 will keep on the lookout for this and any other projects Slasher Films has planned, and perhaps, we can snag an interview with the hatted one himself someday.

Nothing Left to Fear