Monday , 8 August 2022

Picture this – Evil Selfie – a short review

In the age of social media with self-obsessed youths in search of validation and acceptance in just their everyday lives, along with a camera at their ready disposal, the ‘selfie’ has taken on a life all its own. Now, when one’s life ending still isn’t sufficient to quell their desire for preserving their likeness for all eternity, you get the fun horror short from Italy entitled, Evil Selfie.

The film begins with Isabella, a typical girl relishing the act of taking her own picture. However, when a mirror breaks – usually, not a good sign – a series of events take place which take the art of taking selfies to a whole new degree. Enter Fabiano and Mara, a couple out for a drive in the woods. When even an eagerly amorous Mara is more concerned with saving the moment for posterity first – “It’ll be cool to show your friends” –  it’s clear that nothing is too sacred for the selfie. Just beware of unexpected, and unnatural, photobombers.

Evil Selfie is the brainchild of Italian filmmaker, Eros Bosi, who not only directs, but stars in the film as Fabiano. While there are some eerie moments to be sure, screenwriter Luca Alessandro has injected Bosi’s story with some light-hearted turns as well, making light of the obsession with taking selfies to the extreme. Bosi even manages to pay homage to a beloved American TV horror comedy from the 60’s, reminding us that making scary fare fun has been around for decades. Bosi gets excellent performances from his small cast, himself included, with Diletta Vedovelli as the ever-increasingly perturbed Mara, and Chiara Palombi as the unfortunate Isabella. While there is little in the way of blood and gore, the minimal f/x, by The Horror Garage, are quite effective, especially during the opening credits where wisps of ghostly smoke accompany the names appearing on screen. It certainly adds to the quality look of the film.

Like many short films, Evil Selfie is currently making the festival rounds, including an upcoming presentation in South America. Film festivals are often the only place to see such short movies, and they are also the best, as you get to enjoy the films with an audience of like-minded fans. The Gore 4 encourages everyone to find out what festivals are taking place in your neck of the woods and to seek them out. We’ve had the pleasure of attending the recent New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, and last November’s New York City Horror Film Festival. Evil Selfie is in Italian and available with English subtitles. It is a fun, clever horror short that couldn’t be more timely in this age of selfies. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll catch it at a film fest near you. The Gore 4 certainly looks forward to seeing what future projects Eros Bosi has up his sleeve.

— review by Brian de Castro