Tuesday , 28 March 2023

Lots of fresh Dead coming soon!

WD - S7 walker

With San Diego Comic Con having recently finished, there have been plenty of new announcements for upcoming film and television projects, along with first look previews for what’s in store for some returning favorites with new seasons on the horizon, many of which concern one of our horror favorites, the undead. When we last saw Rick and company on The Walking Dead, things couldn’t have been any bleaker, what with most of the main cast on their knees, waiting to see who will meet their demise at the hands of new baddie, Negan, and his barbwire baseball bat named Lucille. Here’s a look at what promises to be a game-changing season 7 of The Walking Dead on AMC:

While we’ve expressed our disdain for the outrageous lack of recognition by the Emmys before (No Respect for the Dead, or Horror, by Emmys), not only should the cast be commended for their incredible work on the show, but in interviews as well, for not letting out any secrets regarding who may or may not survive those fateful swings of the bat, despite being visually forlorn at the prospect of once again losing another cast member and friend. The only other show that kills off cast members with any sort of regularity is Game of Thrones, but their cast is far larger and many actors never interact with each other. On TWD, the cast is more of a family, and so it’s a lot tougher to lose someone you’ve worked so closely with for years. We’ll all find out what the cast, producers and crew already know on October 23, when The Walking Dead returns to follow up on one of the most talked about cliffhangers in television history.

WD lineup - S7 returns

In the meantime, in the same galaxy, on a coast not too far away, but a few years behind, is The Walking Dead’s companion show, Fear the Walking Dead. When we last left that show in May, all hell had broken loose, and some characters were seemingly left behind, or left for dead, after a fiery end to the compound in Mexico which our group had hoped would serve as refuge from the onset of the zombie apocalypse. We’re looking forward to some new cast members, especially Cuban actress, Danay Garcia, who was so appealing as Sofia on Prison Break a few years back. Fear certainly has one of the most diverse casts on television, and it’s refreshing to see one that is more reflective of what America is actually like. Here’s a look at the mid-season return of Fear the Walking Dead, season 2, which happens on Aug. 21 on AMC:

Another show, which had its first season debut last fall, and though doesn’t deal so much with the dead as it does, deadites, is the wildly wet and wonderful, Ash vs Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell returned as the beloved Ash to take on demonic forces threatening to rule the world, along with new companeros and his rip-roaring chainsaw hand. Season 2 is set for Sept. 23 on Starz, and it looks to be just as gory and groovy as the first season. Here’s an Ash-kicking look:

Also looking to satiate our appetite for horror as the summer turns to fall is F/X’s unsettling The Strain, from Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse. As the vampiric contagion spreads and threatens to take over the world, our heroes continue their fight to survive, and to stop the plague dead in its tracks. The 3rd season of The Strain begins on Aug. 28, and here’s a first look, featuring interviews with the creator and cast:

So that should be enough to get you ready for the months to come. In the fall, the network season begins, including an amazing 12th for the Winchester brothers and Supernatural. There’s a 6th season of American Horror Story on the way Sept. 14 on F/X. And we’ll also be looking forward to what could be one of the scariest television shows ever, if it comes anywhere close to the film it is based on, Fox’ new version of The Exorcist, debuting this September. It sure is a great time to be a horror fan.