Tuesday , 24 May 2022

Jurassic World’s R-Evolutionary Box Office Numbers

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It was a weekend in the film world that no one saw coming. Jurassic World exploded into theaters with the impact of the meteor which may have ended the Age of Dinosaurs. But, clearly, dinosaurs are alive and well on theater screens throughout the world. While the box office prognosticators were predicting an opening weekend in the low $100 millions at best, it was clear as the release date approached that something colossal was brewing. Jurassic World ultimately reached a new U.S. box office opening weekend record of $208.8 million, beating 2012’s The Avengers. It also grossed $315.3 million abroad, another record, including over $100 million in China alone, to total a massive half a billion dollars plus. These numbers are far more than anyone, including the studio, Universal, expected. And with schools being let out for summer, helping to achieve big daily grosses so far this week ($25.3M on Monday and $24.3M Tuesday), and no other big action films hitting screens until the July 4th weekend with Terminator: Genisys, Jurassic World will most certainly hit over $500 million, and could start approaching $700M in a best case scenario. It will also reach a billion dollars worldwide in just over its first week, which is truly staggering.

Here’s how Marvel offered their congratulations:

Jurassic World king

With big hits already in Fifty Shades of Grey and Pitch Perfect 2, a worldwide smash in Furious 7, now Jurassic World, and Ted 2 and Minions on the horizon, Universal is having their best year ever. They now have another gigantic franchise to go along with their Fast and Furious films, and word is, star Chris Pratt has already been wisely signed for another dinosaur picture. There certainly is room left for a sequel to World, and audiences around the world are showing that interest in these long gone giants is as high as ever.

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