Thursday , 7 July 2022

Inside the mind of the Thing

The Thing - Norris head

For anyone who ever wondered what made the actual “Thing” tick, and what were its thoughts and motivations as it attempted to survive in the Antarctic, here is a fascinating look at that from the Thing’s perspective. It comes from award-winning Canadian author, Peter Watts. The piece, entitled “The Things”, itself was award winning, and received a Hugo Award nomination for best short story in 2011. Read it here at Clarkesworld:

The Things, by Peter Watts

We also present a cool look back by someone reflecting on seeing John Carpenter’s The Thing at a special midnight preview in NYC the night before it officially opened on June 25, 1982:  Morbid Masterpiece
Incidentally, this member of the Gore 4 saw The Thing on that Friday the 25th, right after seeing another classic, Blade Runner, which also opened on that amazing day in motion picture history.

And while we’re here, take a look below at this fantastic artwork by Alister Lockhart and see more of his work here.

The Thing - Deviant Art by Alister Lockhart