Sunday , 7 August 2022

Gore 4 – Reel horror for real horror fans!

Welcome to the Gore 4!

This is a site where we examine, appreciate and look forward (and backward) to horror, sci-fi and fantasy cinema, television, home video, games, literature, music and more. Based in the great state of New Jersey, the Gore 4 will keep up to date with the present-day genre offerings, and keep abreast of things to come. But we’ll also be looking back at the classics, for the fans of those classics, and to open newcomers’ eyes to worthy examples of what they may have missed. And when we lose someone who’s contributed significantly to the genre, the Gore 4 will offer remembrance and tribute.

While the Gore 4 will have written reviews, interviews and commentary, much of what we’ll do will be in the form of video, shot throughout the Garden State and beyond, with our original and unique take on the genres we love in what we hope is entertaining and informative.

When it comes to films, while we will offer our own critical assessment, we don’t consider ourselves movie critics. We are movie lovers – we stay through the end of the credits and our cell phones remain off. And while catching up on a TV show a season at a time via marathon viewing is fine for some, we prefer to watch the show when it originally airs – live, or at least soon after on the DVR. And even as we appreciate On Demand, Netflix and the like, there is nothing like having an actual DVD or Blu-Ray on your shelf which you can plop into your player to enjoy with all the extras whenever you want.

Here at the Gore 4, as you could suspect from its name, we love horror and live horror. And while we will also cover science fiction and fantasy, as the genres are often interconnected (Alien, Predator, The Fly, even Harry Potter), our emphasis will be on the horror aspects of entertainment. We do hope to add our own take on the genre, and help inform people to check out various movies, shows, etc., but we aren’t competiting with other sources who provide similar services. Rather, we’d like to complement these other great sources (see More Horror!) that have been around a lot longer and actually do a much better job in providing news and updates in the world of horror and beyond. But we do hope you will find the Gore 4 unique and enjoyable.

So, get ready for the future of horror and more – welcome to the Gore 4!

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  1. This website could be incredible. loved your review of WWZ. Can’t wait for more.THE GORE4 RULE.