Thursday , 29 September 2022

Game of Thrones – Bringing the Dead to Life

GOT White Walker

For fans of The Walking Dead who have been suffering withdrawals since the show’s fifth season ended in March, there have been other ways to get your zombie fix. The CW’s clever iZombie has helped fill the gap between Dead seasons, albeit it in an overall lighter tone. But the only other show on television that even comes close to the popularity and acclaim of The Walking Dead, while also rivalling it in killing off main characters, includes the resurrected dead among its many storylines. Game of Thrones, though clearly existing in the fantasy genre, has many elements of horror, from beheadings, impalements and being burned alive to witchcraft and deadly spirits. Most horrific of all are the White Walkers, the seemingly invincible race who kill everything in their path. What makes them even more terrifying is their ability to reanimate the dead, allowing them to replenish their armies with those of the opposing forces they have just killed.

In Game of Thrones’ fifth season episode, “Hardhome”, the show’s producers had the opportunity to explore something that was only hinted at in the books, an intense battle between the Night’s Watch and the Wildings versus the White Walkers and their army of the dead. It was an amazing sequence, featuring a horde of zombies throwing themselves off a cliff (reminscient of something from the movie World War Z), only to brush themselves off and resume fighting.

Here’s a look at how this piece came together and what went into bringing it to the small screen: