Monday , 6 February 2023

Fear the Sphere! Phantasm 5 is coming!

Phantasm V

Seemingly out of nowhere, it’s been announced that a new Phantasm, the fifth in the imaginative horror series, entitled Phantasm: Ravager, is not only on the way but has completed filming! This comes as surprising, yet great news for Phans of Don Coscarelli’s uniquely terrifying vision and what is surely one of the most original horror franchises around. Check out the awesome first trailer:

Coscarelli, the mastermind behind all four Phantasm films, has turned the directing reigns over to David Hartman, who has worked on Coscarelli’s John Dies at the End and Bubba Ho-Tep, as well as directed episodes of the animated Transformers Prime and the superb Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles. Coscarelli, though, has been totally involved in the production over the past two years, and co-wrote the screenplay with Hartman. Reggie Bannister once again returns as our favorite shotgun-wielding ice cream man out to take down the otherworldly undertaker known as the Tall Man, played by the legendary Angus Scrimm. Also returning are original stars Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury and Kat Lester to the franchise that last saw a new installment 16 years ago with Phantasm: Oblivion.

So, when might we see what may well be the final chapter in this eerie, inter-dimensional saga? According to Coscarelli, speaking with the horror website, Bloody Disgusting, this new Phantasm has more visual effects than any film he has ever been involved with. And for those who saw last year’s wonderfully weird John Dies at the End, that’s saying a lot. Reggie Bannister’s wife, Gigi, actually worked on the special effects for the film, which was shot over the past two years in Southern California. How they managed to do this in virtual secrecy is as mysterious as the mortuaries where the Tall Man makes his home. As post production will take some time, it’ll still be a while before we see the finished film, which the Gore 4 hopes will see a theatrical release, unlike the last two which went straight to video.

You can read more about this exciting news for horror phans at Entertainment Weekly and catch an exclusive interview with Don Coscarelli, including word on a possible Bubba Nosferatu, over at Bloody Disgusting.

And stay tuned to the Gore 4 for more updates, and hopefully some exclusives of our own.


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    • Appreciate the kind words. Keep your bloody eyes open-there’s a lot more Gore 4 on the horizon!