Sunday , 7 August 2022

Fangoria covers it all!


Since 1979, Fangoria magazine has been synonymous with horror. Debuting at the dawn of the modern age of horror in film, with movies like Halloween, Dawn of the Dead, Alien and Friday the 13th, Fangoria carried on in the tradition of the great Forry Ackerman and his Famous Monsters, and put its own stamp on the horror genre with in-depth articles on the incredible special make-up effects being created by the new stars of horror – Dick Smith, Rick Baker, Rob Bottin and Tom Savini. And they did it in blood-drenched color, including their eye-catching and eye-gouging covers which adorned newsstands everywhere.

Now, those incredible covers have been compiled into one incredible volume, Fangoria: Cover to Cover. Featuring every single cover from #1 to #330, the hardcover compilation, edited by Fangoria Editor Emeritis, Tony Timpone, who helmed Fangoria for a majority of its existence, it includes recollections and anecdotes regarding each cover, by Tony and current Fango editor, Chris Alexander. There’s also a foreward by Evil Dead star, Bruce Campbell and an afterword by longtime managing editor, and film reviewer, Michael Gingold.

Fangoria #21 The Thing

Here are the book’s special features:

* Massively oversized “coffee table” style book
* Four color printing throughout on coated stock
* Includes a full color reproduction of every Fangoria cover
* Foreword by Bruce Campbell and Afterword by Michael Gingold
* Includes trivia and frightening photos for the diehard fans
* Each edition features a unique dust jacket design to make them more collectible
* A Cemetery Dance exclusive hardcover edition with no other editions planned anywhere in the world at this time

What’s great about this superb volume is that, in addition to having all the covers in one place, serving as a sort of index to the history of Fangoria magazine, the book also serves as a history to the modern horror film. From the highlights written by Timpone and Alexander, to the photos and headlines on each magazine cover, the book provides an excellent retrospective of the horror genre over the last thirty-plus years. And, for longtime Fangoria readers, who may not have saved all their back issues, or at least not perused them of late, reading and looking through the almost 400 pages will bring back a lot of memories.

Fangoria Nightbreed

Today, Fangoria is still going strong, with the magazine continuing to be published 10 times a year, and providing reviews, interviews, retrospectives and behind-the scenes and on-location reports. They also have a regular listing of upcoming films, and a terrific Blu-ray and DVD Chopping List to keep you updated on all the new releases. In addition, there’s also a great Fangoria website for even more up-to-the-minute news, as well as info on film screenings they host.

As for Fangoria: Cover to Cover, it is published by Cemetery Dance Publications and can be ordered through their website. So, if you’re a fan of Fangoria, or just a horror fan in general, you should definitely check it out and have a goreriffic time!

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  1. Have had a look at this book and it’s beautiful! Well worth the money for this slick, and what I consider horrifically historical, compilation of Fangoria covers! Highly recommended!