Monday , 6 February 2023

Cause and Effect

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While horror in movies, television and more can be very entertaining and offer an escape from everyday life, there’s no escaping some of the real horrible things happening throughout the world. And as The Gore 4 has learned, many horror fans share an equal concern with us as to what is happening to our planet, our wildlife and to people everywhere. When it comes to wildlife, The Gore 4 supports a number of important causes, both here in the U.S. and abroad.

One organization fighting mightily against overwhelming forces is the African Wildlife Foundation. Elephants, rhinos, gorillas and other wildlife are being slaughtered by poachers at alarming and unsustainable rates, for jewelry, non-existent medicinal value and other senseless reasons. At the current pace, many of these species could be gone from the wild within a generation. To prevent such a scenario, the AWF is working to thwart poachers, preserve habitat and educate people as a means to protect Africa’s incredible and imperiled wildlife. To learn more, and perhaps see how you can help, check out the AWF’s website here:

In addition to the AWF, the Gore 4 supports a number of other organizations looking to protect our magnificent wildlife and the habitat it needs to survive and thrive in, including:

National Audubon Society

National WIldlife Federation

Wildlife Conservation Society

Defenders of Wildlife

The Nature Conservancy

Sierra Club


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Some of these organizations are concerned more with the wildlife within the U.S., while others have a more global outlook. And while some of these groups’ efforts are more terrestrial-based, others center their actions on our underwater friends in need of help. All do tremendous and tireless work in hopes of preserving the incredible diversity of life on this planet so it can be enjoyed by countless generations to come.

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