Monday , 22 October 2018

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R.I.P., Walking Dead’s Hershel, Scott Wilson

It was with extreme sadness for the Gore 4 to learn of the passing of Scott Wilson, legendary character actor, who played beloved veterinarian, Hershel Greene, on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Wilson died of leukemia in Los Angeles on October 6, 2018, the day before the The Walking Dead began its 9th season.  The episode, entitled, “A New Beginning,” was ... Read More »

Deep Red Magazine’s Bloody Return!

In these tumultuous times, one can’t help but think back to those whose voices rose above the maelstrom who were silenced too early, and wonder what fresh words of wisdom they could enlighten us with today. When it comes to civil rights and bringing us together as a people, one looks to Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dynamic, eloquent ... Read More »

The Predator on the hunt again – review

“Ain’t nobody gonna believe this one.” In 1987, an elite military squad was sent to the jungles of Central America to rescue captives from a band of guerrillas. During their mission, they encountered something not of this earth, and the hunters became the hunted. Only one survived. These highly sophisticated, and highly weaponized, otherworldly ‘predators,’ it seems, have been using ... Read More »

And the winner is….Horror!

The 90th Academy Awards were held on Sunday, and it was a night that saw many important issues continue to be discussed. There was the push for more diversity in Hollywood, from women to minorities, both in front of and behind the camera. There was the topic of immigration, appropriate for a ceremony that has such an international flair. And ... Read More »