Tuesday , 28 March 2023

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NYC Horror Film Fest is here!!!

For a lot of people, the most joyous and wonderful time of year is once again upon us. But, for many of us, the holiday season we hold closest to our bloody hearts has already ended. While us horror lovers lament the passing of Halloween and all that it entrails, I mean, entails, there is hope on the horizon in ... Read More »

A Quiet Place Part II Roars into Theaters

For the past year plus, movie theaters have been rather silent for the most part, either closed or at reduced capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic which you may have heard about. While a number of films have made attempts to usher audiences into theaters once again, with varying degrees of success, from Tenet to Wonder Woman 1984 to Godzilla ... Read More »

Godzilla finally battles Kong in 1st trailer!

The wait is finally over! A mere two months before its release date, unheard of in cinematic circles for a blockbuster of this size, the anxiously awaited first full-length trailer for the mega-mash-up, Godzilla vs. Kong, has finally staked its claim on the earth! It would be an understatement to say the wait was well worth it, as this promises ... Read More »

For NYC Horror Film Fest, the show must go on-line!

The year 2020 will long be remembered for the pandemic that took away so much of what we have long taken for granted, or at best, changed the way we’ve been able to enjoy a few of our favorite things. From sports to dining out to going to the movies, it’s certainly been a year to dismember. But it’s also ... Read More »

The Road Comes to an End on Supernatural.

“Carry on, my wayward son There’ll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don’t you cry no more” For the past decade and a half, a battle has been waged by two brothers against the forces of evil right under our noses for the very soul of the world. Through extreme hardship and devastating loss, ... Read More »

Reliving the NYC Horror Film Festival

For us horror fans, we take our filmwatching seriously, whether it’s watching a movie in the theater surrounded by strangers, or in the comfort of our own homes among family and friends, or all by our lonesome. Attending conventions and film festivals allows us to enjoy our genre even further, meeting those who create such imaginative works, sharing our love ... Read More »

Exorcist star, Max von Sydow, dies at 90

The power of Christ compels you! One of our greatest actors, whose career spanned over seven decades, and who starred in what is widely considered by many to be the greatest horror film of all-time, Max von Sydow, has sadly died at the age of 90. From his earliest films in his native Sweden with legendary filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman, to ... Read More »

Jurassic World Live Tour brings Dinos to Life!

An adventure 65 million years in the making! Of all the creatures that have ever existed on this giant rock we call planet earth, perhaps none hold more fascination today than that of dinosaurs, aka, terrible lizards. The fact that what was once the dominant species on the planet for tens of millions of years is now looked at in ... Read More »

Terminator: Dark Fate deserves a better one – review

“No fate but what we make.” The present, the past and the future all collide once again in the latest installment to one of the greatest sci-fi action franchises of all-time. Welcome to Terminator: Dark Fate. When James Cameron’s low-budgeted The Terminator was released in 1984, its time travel tale riveted audiences, made a mega-star out of Arnold Schwarzenegger, previously ... Read More »

Zombieland: Double Tap is Twice as Fun – review

Back for seconds, after all this time. Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, Little Rock – all great American cities that most people have heard about, but probably haven’t set as their top vacation destinations. Yet they each have their own charms and have found their distinct niche in the world. Same could be said of the four characters who go by those ... Read More »